Monday, July 15, 2013

Been a While, eh?

*taps mic* This thing still on? It's been a fairly long time since I've written or even read any blogs, but I figured I might as well pop in and see what's going on. My life is absurdly busy right now, so of course it's time to take on another project and see if I can keep up with this blog again! (Please don't get your hopes up, folks.)

There are a handful of things I want to get done, so let's see if I can put a dent in them soon.

  • Format old book reviews and post them
  • Format old video game reviews and post them
  • Bake a bunch of desserts to post (yeah...for the blog!)
  • Write up a play-through of Final Fantasy (PSP - Anniversary Edition)
  • Fix the layout, links, and possibly name of this blog
  • Figure out how to take screenshots of games on my PSP

    We'll see how it goes, guys.
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